Lions at Work

Lions Club members are ordinary people who do extraordinary things every day of the year. They run world-scale projects in restoring sight and preventing measles. In Ireland they operate a range of projects that includes diabetes screening, a food appeal, support for Guide Dogs, a senior citizens holiday, carers weekends- and much more.

Lions are however most active at local level. In every one of 108 Clubs spread throughout the island, members respond to a wide range of Community needs. They raise funds for local charities, provide housing, donate mini-buses for special needs transport, operate talking newspapers for their deaf neighbours, fund scholarships, sponsor young athletes and buy equipment for local hospitals and clinics.

You will find Lions at work painting and refurbishing homes of people in need, visiting the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals, developing sensory gardens and running school debates. Lions Clubs also ‘think outside the box’. They run projects enabling grandparents to pass on their experiences to a new generation, they can be found encouraging local enterprise and community development…or they can be found swimming in the sea, riding bikes, hiking on greenways or joining in a pub quiz..all in support of local good causes.

Every cent donated to Lions Clubs is devoted to projects, causes and charities. Lion Clubs in Ireland have no professional management, no office or staff and all administrative expenses are paid from members’ subscriptions. Lions motto is ‘We Serve’ and 1.4million members of 44,000 Lions Clubs in over 200 countries are proud to say ‘Where there is a Need there is a Lion’