Lions Join Vaccine Network

February 26, 2021

Lions Clubs of Ireland have been invited to join the HSE COVID -19 Vaccine Community Network, a communication network established to ensure that people receive factual information about the COVID 19 vaccine. Key national and local organisations and groups are part of the network and the HSE is grateful to work in partnership with these groups. District Governor Des Ryan and members of the District Team joined a network meeting via Zoom on Wednesday February 17th and committed to using our communication platforms to communicate information received from the HSE.

The three key areas of partnership for the network:

  • Sharing and signposting information which the Lions Club will receive through a weekly partnership pack from the HSE and will share through the District Newsletter.
  • Regularly communicate messages from the HSE on our social media platforms.
  • Share information that will build confidence in the vaccine on safety and testing, how the vaccine works who is getting it now and next. For information you can trust see or call HSElive on 1850241850.
  • Keep public health advice in our minds as we work through 2021.
  • For further information on vaccines visit:
  • Stay safe and well.