Medic Alert

medic alert bracelet

Medic Alert is a registered charity introduced to Ireland by Lions during the 1960s. Over the years, it has been instrumental is saving countless lives. For individuals who register with MedicAlert, full details of their medical conditions or allergies, medication, next of kin, doctor’s contact details and other relevant information are maintained on a secure and confidential database.  Each individual is provided with a MedicAlert bracelet, watch, necklace or card on which a MedicAlert contact number is inscribed.  A wide range of these items is available and can be viewed on the MedicAlert websites, or

If an individual is taken ill or is involved in an accident outside the home, first responders can obtain vital information immediately about any hidden medical conditions or allergies by calling the MedicAlert emergency number.  This number is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a week and, for those who are abroad, can respond in any of over 100 different languages.

A vital element of the MedicAlert service is the encouragement to members to review and, if necessary, to update their stored details each year.  Out of date information can be as bad if not worse than none at all.

Lions Early Start Programme

MedicAlert is not confined to adults.  Unfortunately, many children also have hidden ailments. Lions Clubs are encouraged to donate funds to finance a Lions Early Start Programme.  This programme offers free membership every year for a limited number of children up until their 10th birthday.  Membership provides the child with a personal electronic record to securely store their information including comprehensive medical history, directives or precautions to ensure no time is lost in an emergency.

Each child admitted to the programme receives their first item of inscribed jewellery for free. The disc will be engraved with their immediate details, their membership number and the MedicAlert 24/7 emergency phone number. Due to high demand, a waiting list is operated for the Lions Early Start Programme.  Applications can still be submitted and applicants will be contact once a space becomes available.

Lions Clubs help to save lives by bringing the benefits of MedicAlert to the attention of their local doctors and health workers and to anyone they know with a hidden ailment. 

Most of new MedicAlert members come from referrals from Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics and many others come from Word of Mouth referrals.  Statistics show that, following the referral, the vast majority join online with smaller percentages joining by phone or by mail.

For more information – Visit either of the MedicAlert websites – or – where individuals can sign up for the free MedicAlert Newsletter.