Lions in Ireland

District 133 – Ireland

The 2,000 members of Lions Clubs on the island of Ireland are organised within District 133 of Lions Clubs International, an organisation of 48,000 clubs and 1.45 million Lions that operates in almost every country of the world. District 133 was established in 2017; this replaced District 105I which was part of a Multiple District that also included Lions Clubs in Britain.

Just under 100 Lions Clubs on the island of Ireland are administered by a District Governor team comprising the District Governor, first and second Vice District Governors and the immediate Past District Governor. They head a Cabinet, comprising administrative officers, project officers and the chairs of Zones representing clubs throughout the country. All posts are voluntary and Lions Clubs in Ireland do not have professional staff.

Anywhere professional staff are in place, their salaries are funded by Lions members themselves and never charitable donations.

We Serve

Guided by the principle of ‘We Serve’, Lions Clubs in Ireland engage in projects at International, District, Zone and Club levels. Clubs contribute to major Lions projects in the areas of health, refugee support and disaster relief and participate in more than 15 District projects including an Annual Senior Citizens Holiday, Diabetes Awareness, Health Education and Supports, Carers Weekends’, a Food Appeal and Youth Projects which include a Young Ambassador programme, Student Exchanges, a Peace Poster Contest and a Youth Football Championship.