What happens next when diagnosed ?

  • Testing:  Regardless of what type of Diabetes you have you will need to test your blood sugar levels regularly.  Many of these will be done by yourself using a home glucose testing meter.
  • Eat Better:  There is no specific DIABETIC diet but it’s important to center your diet on high-fibre, low fat fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Reduce animal products, refined carbohydrates and sweets.  Low glycemic index (GI) foods may be helpful. 
  • Get Active.  Make physical activity part of your daily routine. Aim for 30 mins of aerobic exercise 5 days a week and combine with resistance training (weights, yoga) twice a week.  Physical activity lowers blood sugar and a combination helps control your levels more effectively.
  • Get in touch with Diabetes Ireland for a full range of support leaflets and online learning.

Living well with Type 2 Diabetes

Click here to download this document from Diabetes Ireland.