Why Lions adopted Type 2 Diabetes as a Signature Project?

Lions Clubs International Designated Diabetes Awareness a signature project for the worldwide organisation. This decision was in response to the global explosion in the numbers with diabetes. The biggest driver of the increase in numbers with the condition are individuals with Type 2 diabetes, the onset of which can be delayed or prevented by changes in diet and lifestyle.

In 2020, Lions Clubs Ireland launched their Diabetes Strategy. This strategy embraced the vision set out by Lions Clubs International to: ‘Reduce the prevalence of Type 2 diabetes and improve the quality of life for those with diabetes’.

The strategy also sets out goals for Lions Clubs in Ireland:

  • The goal of the Lions Clubs Ireland Diabetes Strategy is to help educate the people living on the island of Ireland on the causes of Type 2 Diabetes and the measures by which it can be reversed or eliminated.
  • Communicate the Type 2 diabetes Risk Factors within our communities and actively promote the adoption of Healthy Eating and Healthy Lifestyles.
  • Developing & fostering community physical activity initiatives including engaging with other organisations involved in Diabetes support.

World Diabetes Day is held each year on November 14th . This day is an occasion when all Lions Clubs in Ireland can join with the Worldwide Diabetes Community to place a spotlight on Diabetes by undertaking a programme of activities in their community.