Annual Holiday Project

The Lions Clubs Annual Holiday, primarily for the old and lonely, takes place in Trabolgan Holiday Village in June each year. Over 600 Guests, Lions and Helpers from throughout the 32 counties booking for the week. The first Holiday was organized in 1981 by Dublin Lions Club to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of their Club and indeed the arrival of Lions in Ireland.

The venue then was the Mosney Holiday Centre and it became an annual event organized by the Lions Clubs of Ireland.  When the Mosney Centre was allocated to housing refugees in 2001, the Lions changed the venue to Trabolgan where it continues to this day. Since its start in 1981, the Holiday has catered for over 32,000 Guests at a cost in today’s values of circa €8,000,000.

There is a full and varied programme throughout the week including dancing, competitions, supervised aqua aerobics, a daily walking challenge, bus tours plus shows each evening. Minibuses and buggies are on hand to transport those with walking difficulties and medical assistance, including an Order of Malta mobile unit, is on hand 24 hours a day.

One of the great attractions of the Holiday is that it allows the Guests to mingle with persons of their own age and swap stories and experiences. Feedback from the Guests highlights that this is something they cherish. They can be completely themselves in a very safe and cared for environment, where all of their needs are met from medical, to food, to entertainment and activity.

District Officer: Gerald Langford

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