Suicide Prevention

Be Suicide Aware
A Challenge to the Community in general and to Lions

We all can play a valuable role in reducing these tragic deaths, both within the community and within the ‘Lions family’. Each time we meet a person who has lost a family member or close friend to suicide, we get the same message, ‘Please bring the discussion about suicide out in the open’

Suicide remains an on-going tragedy in Ireland. While the number of deaths by suicide per 100,000 in the population has fallen from 12.1 to 8.5 in the five years to 2016, more than 400 Irish people take their own lives every year. Young men and women account for many of these deaths.

A report (Richardson et al., 2013) stated that Irish young males had the highest number of suicides in the European Union, while another report showed Irish young females also experienced the highest suicide rate in Europe in 2018 (European Child Safety Alliance, 2014).

Training is the key to being prepared to initiate this discussion. Because of COVID-19 restrictions, Face-to-Face Suicide Prevention Training is currently unavailable. We strongly recommend, therefore that all Lions in District 133 and members of the public should avail of online Suicide Prevention Training.

Start’ Suicide Prevention Training Online

  • This programme is delivered in the Republic of Ireland by the HSE.
  • To participate go to:
  • From this page you can email the Resource Officer in your area to register.
  • Training takes 90 minutes.

Ohana Zero Suicide Online Training is available throughout the island of Ireland. 

Go to: to access the training. Training takes 25 minutes.

Link Life – Northern Ireland online Suicide Prevention Training

  • This training is from Fresh Minds Education
  • Training takes 2.5 hours and is facilitated, with a maximum of 12 people per session.
  • Contact Public Health Authority, Northern Ireland ( or on +44-300-555-0114) or

All participants in Suicide Prevention Training must be aged over 18. People suffering from mental health or who had a recent bereavement are discouraged from taking the training. 

Suicide is one moment of weakness in a courageous fight for life. Strength is not always enough when the weight of the world is pulling you under.

If you are talking to a friend and realise they are struggling with mental health issues, could you ask the question:

‘Are you thinking of suicide or harming yourself’

Suicide is real, it hurts, and it is now.
Prevention is real, if you learn the ‘how’.
Suicide is real, we all have to talk,
Help is real, if you walk the walk.

By reading this we know you care
Be Suicide aware.
Take the training to prepare.

How can you help

  1. Organise a Suicide Prevention course ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and download the leaflet here.
  2. Safe Talk Suicide Prevention training. Download leaflet here.
  3. Distribution of Lions Clubs pocket cards, with helpline contact details. 400,000 cards have distributed over the past 10 years. We continue to help in this area. Click Helpline List to download full list.
  4. A number of Lions Clubs have also produced and distributed a list of helplines printed on ‘bookmarks’. Many other Lions Clubs have also helped out within their own communities.

ASIST Suicide Prevention

If you know a person who needs urgent help,


This number is FREE to call. You don’t have to be suicidal to call. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Members of the Lions Clubs do not give advice; we help organise Suicide Prevention Training.

Check out Lions Club Suicide Prevention Facebook Page