Anti Bullying

Lions Clubs Ireland have sponsored the rolling out of an anti-bullying campaign throughout the country, with particular emphasis on cyber bullying which with the advent of modern technology has become a major problem in both primary and secondary schools over the last 4 years. This has been done in conjunction with Mr Sean Fallon, Ant Bullying Campaign go to This Site is a resource for teachers.

Leaflets for Parents and Guardians of children: 
‘Do you know if your Child is being Bullied’ leaflet, sets out clear steps for Parents and Guardians of children to take, if they suspect their child is a victim of bullying.

Click for Anti Bullying Leaflet

150,000 leaflets distributed to date, via schools. Lions Club members are prepared to help school managements deal with this serious issue. In addition members of Lions Clubs may be able to offer support to school management on other issues.

For more information Contact : Lion Pat Connolly, Galway Lions Club:

With the restrictions caused by COVID-19, face-to-face contact with schools is suspended for now.