Youth Exchange – Outward

Youth Exchange Outward

Are you ready to embark on a life changing adventure that will open your mind and heart?  Are you curious about other cultures and ways of life?  Do you want to develop your skills in a second language? Would you like to cultivate new friendships with individuals that have different backgrounds, beliefs, and customs than you?  The Youth Camp and Exchange Programme (YCE) may be the opportunity you are seeking.

What can you expect ?
As a YCE participant, you can expect to be immersed in a unique cultural experience with Lions clubs members supporting your learning. 

The YCE Programme varies from country to country and can either be a Youth Camp (a fixed period with a group of young people from different countries for a specified time).  Taking part in a range of different activities and events with other young people. Or a Stay with a host family or a mixture of both a Family Stay followed by a Youth Camp.

For Host Family stays they will treat you as a member of the family, expecting your engagement in typical daily routines and family meals.  You will participate in social activities and visit cultural places of interest as arranged by the host Lions club.

For the exchange you are expected to have familiarized yourself with the customs, expectations, and basic language of the host country prior to your visit and have a desire to learn more. You can expect to have an unforgettable experience that will open your mind and expand your world view. We encourage young people from around Ireland to participate and the program is open to all young people between the ages of 16 to 22.

How to Apply?

  • 1. Review the Youth Camp and Exchange Directory to see current camp listings and locations where youth exchanges are offered. Note the camp application deadlines for locations of interest, age and language requirements. (see web links below)
  • 2. Prioritise a list of a countries and camps that you would like to participate in.
  • 3. Contact your local Lions club to see if they would be willing to be your sponsoring Lions club. (The participation of a sponsoring Lions club is a requirement).
  • 4. The Lions Club contacts the YCE Committee who will help with the application process and will send an application form to be completed.
  • 5. Participants will complete the questions on the form and will also need to write a personal letter of introduction for the prospective host family that contains information on the following: interests, studies, hobbies, family, home community, previous travel experience, expectations for the program, and any dietary, health or religious requirements.
  • 6. The sponsoring Lions Club then emails the completed application, personal letter of introduction and photos to the YCE Committee.
  • 7. The YCE Committee then sends the application and introduction letter out to the first country on the list (with availability) to see if the person will be accepted.  If unsuccessful they will try the second choice and so on.
  • 8. Applicants selected to attend a Lions Youth Camp and/or Lions Youth Exchange will receive an Acceptance Form with details and information about the camp.
  • 9. Applicants accepted will need to understand that they are representing their local Lions Club and District (ambassadors).
  • 10. Each Country and Camp will have their own rules and guidelines and participants are expected to follow.
  • 11. Remember the YCE Committee will give assistance and support to clubs and the participants with the process.

For further information and to view the directory of youth exchanges and camps see:

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